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CCHN Digital Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By 19/03/2020 No Comments

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected people and communities worldwide. In line with the recent measures taken by governmental authorities to contain the pandemic and protect people, a number of CCHN activities have been canceled or postponed. It is expected that all field workshops will be canceled or postponed until the end of May, to be reviewed regularly over the coming weeks.

CCHN is adapting its program to be fit for purpose in these new circumstances. As our members are moving online to maintain and manage vital humanitarian operations, the CCHN will be there too, supporting and engaging with frontline humanitarian professionals from around the world.

Claude Bruderlein

Claude Bruderlein

CCHN Director

In this new context, the CCHN is already offering several digital alternatives to on-site events. Earlier in March, the CCHN organized a webinar for members of its community of practice on the CCHN Case Studies. Illustrating the practical application of CCHN negotiation tools to real-life situations, these case studies are available to download for free.

This week a new webinar series on CCHN Negotiation Tools was launched with the first refresher session on typology of humanitarian negotiation.

Additional online activities will be announced over the coming weeks as the CCHN seeks to continue providing peer support and facilitate networking among members of the CCHN community of practice. More information on these and other virtual events will be shared through newsletters and on the CCHN website.