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CCHN Digital Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected people and communities worldwide. In line with the recent measures taken by governmental authorities to contain the pandemic and protect people, a number of…
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Strengthening the Capabilities of Humanitarian Organizations to Negotiate on the Frontline

Speakers at the fourth annual meeting in Berlin. (Photo: Photothek) The ability to negotiate in conflict areas is becoming ever more important. On 26-27 November last year, the German Federal…
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#NewsBrief: CCHN Gets Ready for Next Steps in 2020

The CCHN kicks off the new year with a multitude of activities for frontline negotiators around the world. Applications are now open for Peer Workshops in Jordan, Colombia, and Senegal.  For the…
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A Behavioral Analysis of Humanitarian Negotiations: CCHN Collaborates with International Research Team

Dr Anne van Aaken during her presentation at the 3rd Annual Meeting of Frontline Humanitarian Negotiators in December 2018. (Photo Credit: Mark Henley/CCHN) Researchers from the University of Hamburg, Max…
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Indonesian Scholars and NGOs Learn about Humanitarian Negotiation

Each group presented a case study through the application of CCHN negotiation tools. (Photo: Agusmia Putri Haerani/CCHN) The CCHN continues its collaboration with academic institutions and local NGOs in Indonesia.…
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