Negotiating under pressure in insecure environments is a critical skill that allows humanitarian organizations to help those most in need. Humanitarians must strike a brutal balance between making an impact and maintaining their principles. If negotiations fail, people may not receive the assistance and protection they so urgently need. At the Geneva Peace Week 2019, the CCHN together with ICRC, UNHCR and Fight for Humanity offer a behind the scenes look at high-pressure negotiations and the people who conduct them, using a storytelling approach.

The event will be divided into two parts:

Part 1: Voices from the Field
During the first part of the event, you can interact directly with guest speakers who will share personal stories about high-pressure negotiations in humanitarian settings.

Part 2: We Negotiate
During the second part, you will be asked to take action in the course of an interactive presentation about “How well could you negotiate on the frontline?”, a project created by the ICRC. The storyline is inspired by the CCHN Field Manual which is based on the collective experience of hundreds of frontline negotiators.

The event will also demonstrate how frontline negotiations and humanitarian issues more broadly are intertwined with building peace through dialogue, negotiation, advocacy and public communication.

As this is an interactive event, we encourage you to engage and be active throughout the event.


Karim Hafez

Negotiation Support Specialist – Middle East, CCHN

Karim supports the CCHN in researching and analyzing humanitarian negotiation practices, with a regional focus on the Middle East. He has previously worked with international organizations and reputable think tanks, including the ICRC’s Division of Policy and Humanitarian Diplomacy, United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), and the Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa (CCPA).

Pascal Hundt

Senior Crisis Manager, ICRC

Pascal Hundt joined the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 1995 and held various positions in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Afghanistan and in Central Asia. He was notably Head of Delegation in Somalia, Jordan, Sudan and in Afghanistan. From 2012 to 2018, he was the Head of the Assistance Division in Geneva, overseeing with his teams of experts, ICRC programs in the domain of Health, Economic Security, Water and Habitat and Weapon Contamination, representing two-third of ICRC operational activities worldwide. As Senior Crisis Manager at the ICRC Directorate of Operations, he provides managerial and strategic support to delegations confronted with complex crises or serious security incidents.

Julie Dunphy

Senior Policy & Liaison Officer (Field Security Service), UNHCR

Julie Dunphy has over 30 years security experience with 20 years in international humanitarian security ranging from field postings in emergency and highrisk environments which include Bosnia, East Timor, FYROM, Afghanistan, Nepal, Liberia and Sri Lanka. During the last decade, she has held security management positions based at the UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva involved in the strengthening and professionalising of security management for her organization and the UN Security Management System in addition to managing and responding to critical security incidents.

Mehmet Balci

Co-Director and Founder, FFH

Mehmet Balci has led the work on humanitarian negotiations with armed non-State actors in the Middle East, South Caucasus and Latin America Regions with the NGO Geneva Call between 2000 and 2019. He has obtained dozens of humanitarian commitments from armed non-State actors on the protection of children, banning sexual violence and anti-personnel landmines. He has also worked on the inclusion of humanitarian issues in the peace negotiation agendas in Colombia. He developed and led programmes promoting international humanitarian norms to protect civilians’ rights. He also conducted an intense advocacy work towards the international community on the protection of civilians in armed conflict. He also collaborated with non-governmental organizations as representatives to the EU, UN, Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

Nicola Eva Fell

Audiovisual Producer and award-winning filmmaker, ICRC

From landmine detecting rats in Mozambique to Fijian fighters for hire, to restorative justice with rapists in Belgium, Nicola Fell worked as a freelance journalist for CBC, ABC, Deutsche Welle and the BBC. Currently, at the International Committee of the Red Cross, her role is to craft stories that show the amazing work this organisation does on the frontline, in war zones & its role in protecting the laws of war - so even in the darkest of times, there is humanity. It began with filming missions in Burundian prisons, gang-controlled parts of Colombia, refugee camps in Jordan, the West Bank and the post-typhoon in the Philippines. Today, she focuses on innovative ways to tell stories using 360, animation, multi-screen projection and interactive storytelling.


The event is open to the public and is designed especially for operational and communication staff of humanitarian organizations, as well as academic and policy audiences in Geneva.

Event Registration

As we have already received high numbers of registrations, the event registration is now closed. For those who have not registered yet, we would open the entrance at 13:20, if there are still available seats.

You can also join our interactive live streaming on Twitter @frontline_nego.

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About the event

Tuesday, 5 November 2019


13:30 - 15:00


Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) Conference Room 1, Maison de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland


Open to public


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