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Summer Briefing Sessions on the Response to COVID-19 in the Middle East: How to Develop the Required Negotiation Techniques and Skills in Crisis

8 July 2020

Online Briefing Sessions are organized in collaboration with Harvard ATHA in preparation for the Advanced Professional Certificate on Crisis Negotiation.

Event Details

8 July 2020
14:00 – 16:30 (Geneva time)
Stable Internet connection required
Webcam and microphone required
Free of charge
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Designed for professionalsconfronted with specificchallenges and dilemmas related tothe current health crisis and its social and humanitarian impact in the Middle East, the online briefing sessionsinclude lectures with global experts on public health and pandemics, skill-based sessions on negotiation under pressure, risk management, strategic planning and more. It will entail context-specific discussions, practical exercises, and simulations on how to develop and negotiate a response plan incomplex evolving environments in the Middle East. 

On the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The rapid propagation of the coronavirus has mobilized public health and humanitarian response on an unprecedented in the Middle East. COVID-19 has already made a significant social and economic impact on most countries in the Middle East, redirecting national and international priorities to tackling the public health concerns of this pandemic within and across borders, addressing the impact of confinement and lockdown measures as well as safeguarding the protection of the most vulnerable.

Topics to be Covered

The session will present and discuss the complexities of addressing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic amidst the operational and policy challenges in the Middle East bybringing together public health experts, crisis management professionals, medical responders and frontline negotiators. 


How to Develop the Required Negotiation Techniques and Skill in Crisis 

This Online Briefing Session will focus on the essential tools and techniques to negotiate in a crisis environment. Offered by the Centre for Experiential Negotiation and Applied Diplomacy (CENAD) this online briefing will present a set of tools and engage participants in a series of exercises geared toward the practical experiential learning of crisis negotiation. 

Design Group 

Selected participants in each of the event series can volunteer to contribute to the design of the Advanced Professional Certificate in Fall 2020.  This design group will convene the following day after each event and will continue to meet regularly in the run-up to the course in September.   


We invite governments, national and international agencies as well as NGOs to apply.
Applicants are encouraged to participate in all three briefing sessions below, yet it is also possible to participate in selected events only.

1. How Public Health Can Inform Humanitarian Negotiation in Times of a Pandemic I 24 June
2. How to Develop the Required Negotiation Techniques and Skills in Crisis I 8 July
3. How to Prevent and Mitigate Risks in a Negotiation I 22 July

Advanced Certificate

The series of Online Briefing Sessions is to prepare participants to apply to theAdvanced Professional Certificate on Crisis Negotiation taking place from 20 – 24 September 2020.  The application process for the fall course will open on 31 July. The selection of participants will take place on a rolling basis. A certificate of completion will be issued for participants who attend the full course in the fall. 

Learn More about Advanced Certificate

Brett Davis

CCHN Project Manager - Research and Development

Nikolas Rubiato - CCHN Events Coordinator

Nikolas Rubiato

CCHN Event Coordinator

Humanitarians working for an IOM implementing partner in internally displacement camps in Northwest Syria conducts disinfection activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Photo: IOM


8 July 2020
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