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CCHN Digital Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected people and communities worldwide. In line with the recent measures taken by governmental authorities to contain the pandemic and protect people, a number of...
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Strengthening the Capabilities of Humanitarian Organizations to Negotiate on the Frontline

Speakers at the fourth annual meeting in Berlin. (Photo: Photothek) The ability to negotiate in conflict areas is becoming ever more important. On 26-27 November last year, the German Federal...
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#NewsBrief: CCHN Gets Ready for Next Steps in 2020

The CCHN kicks off the new year with a multitude of activities for frontline negotiators around the world. Applications are now open for Peer Workshops in Jordan, Colombia, and Senegal.  For the...
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A Behavioral Analysis of Humanitarian Negotiations: CCHN Collaborates with International Research Team

Dr Anne van Aaken during her presentation at the 3rd Annual Meeting of Frontline Humanitarian Negotiators in December 2018. (Photo Credit: Mark Henley/CCHN) Researchers from the University of Hamburg, Max...
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Indonesian Scholars and NGOs Learn about Humanitarian Negotiation

Each group presented a case study through the application of CCHN negotiation tools. (Photo: Agusmia Putri Haerani/CCHN) The CCHN continues its collaboration with academic institutions and local NGOs in Indonesia....
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Completion of the First CCHN Peer Workshop in Arabic

Each participant received a certificate for completing the CCHN Peer Workshop. (Photo Credit: Nour Rady/UNHCR) To reach a wider audience in non-English speaking countries, the CCHN has held workshops in...

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Plan a New Strategy to Avoid the Same Mistake

A successful negotiation story by a member of CCHN Community of Practice, Atim Taniform, AMEF Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator in Kumba, Cameroon. In this story, she told us about one of...
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Learning from Failures: Why Is Clear & Constructive Communication Important in a Negotiation

Many people can learn how to prepare a successful negotiation from learning from failures in the past. Vivian Carougnis, WFP Programme Policy Officer/Access Operations in Juba, South Sudan shared with...
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Learning From Success : Community-Based Negotiations for a Child Protection Program

A succesful negotiation story by a member of CCHN Community of Practice, Rodrigo Valderrama, UNHCR Head of Field Officer in Quibdo, Colombia. Learn More about the CCHN Community of Practice...
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Learning from Success: Plan a New Strategy to Avoid the Same Mistakes

A negotiation story told by a member of CCHN Community of Practice, Atim Taniform, AMEF Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator in Kumba, Cameroon. In this story, Atim tells us about one of...
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Stress Management for Crisis Negotiation

Members of CCHN Community of Practice shared their methods on how to manage stress collectively and individually while negotiating in volatile and complex situations or when a crisis emerges. The...
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Complex Negotiations on the Frontlines of Northern Myanmar’s Long-Running Civil War

Local population crossing a river in Kachin State in northern Burma. (Photo: Viviana Holbrooks/UN Photo) CCHN supported last year a listening tour to identify the key dynamics, challenges, and dilemmas...
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