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COVID-19: Access Challenges When Responding to the Needs of People on The Move

Two Cameroonian refugees are volunteers in Ukende refugee settlement, Nigeria. They are helping to raise awareness on COVID-19 prevention among refugees and the host community. Photo Credit: (UNHCR/Tony Aseh) CCHN Monthly...
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Launch of the UNHCR Humanitarian Negotiation Learning Programme amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

A UNHCR staff raised awareness of COVID-19 prevention through community leaders. (Photo credit: Abdulgadir Ibrahim/UNHCR) UNHCR, in collaboration with CCHN, launched a new Humanitarian Negotiation Learning Programme (HNLP) in March...
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Maintaining Connectivity with Communities in the Time of COVID-19 by Liaising with Religious and Community Leaders

Mosques close their doors but call to prayer continues to ring out in Gaza; reminding people to perform their prayers at home to limit public gatherings. (Photo: Mohammed Zaanoun) During...
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Continuing to Build the Community of Humanitarians During COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 measures, since mid-March 2020 CCHN has offered different online webinars and peer-learning activities on humanitarian negotiations for the Community of Practice members and the public....
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Discussing Negotiations in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Beneficiaries wash their hands before an ICRC food distribution. (Photo: Saif Aloliby/ICRC) The impact of COVID-19 on humanitarian responses is massive and varied in different regions and contexts. During the...
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CCHN Digital Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected people and communities worldwide. In line with the recent measures taken by governmental authorities to contain the pandemic and protect people, a number of...

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ICRC’s Contribution to CCHN’s Development and Operations

The ICRC has been instrumental in the development of the Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation (CCHN) since the beginning. Four years into the CCHN's incubation period, ICRC field staff...
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COVID-19: A Special Role for Humanitarian Crisis Negotiators?

"Here be dragons" means dangerous or unexplored territories, in imitation of a medieval practice of putting illustrations of dragons, sea monsters, and other mythological creatures on uncharted areas of maps where potential...
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Learning From Failures: A Written Security Guarantee is Essential

One of the current counterparts of frontline negotiators are Armed Opposition Groups (AoGs). Kiuomers Frozan, Deputy Head of Humanitarian Access of Action Against Hunger shared his real life story when...
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Learning From Success: Negotiating Access to Health-Care Services

According to the latest report from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank — Tracking Universal Health Coverage: 2017 Global Monitoring Report, half of the world population still...
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Negotiating Access to Health-Care Services

Stephanie Ferland, ICRC Political Advisor who recounted one of her experiences from the frontline told her story from the frontline about negotiating access to health-care services and assistance to vulnerable...
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Exchanging Experiences within the CCHN Community of Practice

Oscar Sanchez Pineiro, UNHCR Senior Field Coordinator in Cox's Bazar shared the difficulties faced by humanitarian workers in the field. Oscar emphazised the importance of the CCHN Community of Practice...
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