About the Program

As the humanitarian community is moving online to maintain and manage vital humanitarian operations, so is the CCHN; supporting and engaging with frontline humanitarian professionals from around the world in the virtual space.

Starting in Spring 2020, the CCHN is offering several online activities to facilitate peer exchanges and build humanitarian negotiation capability.

Through live sessions, it also offers an opportunity to members of its community of practice to refresh their knowledge of CCHN negotiation tools. During these exchanges, members discuss the application of negotiation tools in their daily work, highlighting specific challenges and dilemmas they encounter in the field.


Starting in Spring 2020, we organize the following digital activities:


Online Peer Workshops

These virtual events introduce participants to practical negotiation tools and methods elaborated on the basis of the latest empirical research conducted by the CCHN.

Monthly Forum

Organized on a monthly basis, this forum aims to offer a virtual space for discussions and exchanges between frontline professionals, policy-makers of humanitarian organizations and donors to share the latest information and explore the relevance of humanitarian norms and principles in response to certain issues.

Online Peer Circles

CCHN organizes regular meetings for members of its community of practice in each region to examine how CCHN negotiation tools and methods are applicable to their operational context.

Refresher Sessions on CCHN Negotiation Tools

These live sessions are specifically designed for members of the CCHN's community of practice who previously attended a Peer Workshop. Taking place on a regular basis, these sessions are announced to the community on CCHN Connect.

Digital Office Hours

No agenda, no pre-reading, no recording; digital office hours are there for community members to get one-on-one time with the CCHN. This is their time to get questions answered and negotiation concepts clarified. It’s also an opportunity to tell the CCHN about your newest ideas on how to strengthen this community of practice, or to pick our brains on a recurrent negotiation challenge or dilemma.

Criteria and Expectations

In line with the CCHN’s on-site activities, its virtual offerings are open to humanitarian professionals from the five Strategic Partners (WFP, MSF, UNHCR, ICRC, HD) with first-hand experience in humanitarian negotiations. Humanitarian professionals from other agencies and NGOs are also invited to apply and will be considered depending on availability of places. Specifically for the Monthly Forum, we also encourage the participation of policy-makers in humanitarian organizations and donor governments.

⚠ For online activities that are specifically designed for members of the CCHN’s community of practice, it is required to first complete a Peer Workshop (online or on-site) to join the community.

Criteria and Expectations

CCHN Online Activities are free for all participants. However, spaces are limited to ensure a high level of interaction. Application deadlines are indicated on each event page.

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