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Community Assembly

Annual gathering where Community members (re-)connect with peers, review difficult negotiations and decide on the future direction of the CCHN.


At the Community Assembly, our members are in the driving seat of our community gathering to put the community into an increasing leadership position. It will allow each member to be closely involved in each session, to maximize their sense of ownership and commitment.

Building on their knowledge and field experience, they reflect on how they could best support further the development of CCHN’s negotiation tools and methods relevant to their daily work in different humanitarian contexts.

Our Community Assembly is organized with supports from our donor, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland.

Participation Criteria

Community Assembly is open only to Community members who have previously taken part in a CCHN Peer Workshop on Humanitarian Negotiation and other specialized activities within our three-level Capacity Building Pathway.

Practical Details

Community Assembly is free for our community members. Any travel or accommodation costs incurred for the Community Assembly are usually borne by us, yet the place is limited.

How to Apply

Only Community members who have completed a Peer Workshop on Humanitarian Negotiation and other specialized activities can participate in a Community Assembly. They will receive an invitation from our regional Negotiation Support Specialists to join.

Community Assembly calendar

Check out the next Peer Circles on CCHN Connect. Accessible only for our community members.

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Head of Operations

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