We collaborate with researchers and leading research institutes to conduct various studies to support the humanitarian efforts of frontline negotiators. After our flagship meetings, discussions and formal gatherings, we publish reports linked to the role of humanitarian negotiations on emerging topics and contexts. To feed evidence and importance on frontline negotiations into the wider humanitarian debate and policymaking, we also feature related publications from our Community of Practice members, Strategic Partners and Scientific Collaboration partners.

Annual Meeting Report – 2019Annual Meeting ReportsDownloadannual-meeting-reports2019
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Annual Meeting Report – 2016Annual Meeting ReportsDownloadannual-meeting-reportsen2016
CCHN Facilitator handbook A5 (FR)CCHN PublicationsDownloadcchn-publications
CCHN Negotiator handbook A4 (FR)CCHN PublicationsDownloadcchn-publications
Field Manual on Humanitarian Negotiation (ES)Nuestro Manual de campo sobre negociación humanitaria de primera línea ofrece un método integral y sistemático para llevar a cabo …CCHN PublicationsDownloadcchn-publicationsnegotiation-toolsspaines
CCHN Negotiator Handbook (ES)CCHN PublicationsDownloadcchn-publications
CCHN Facilitator Handbook (ES)CCHN PublicationsDownloadcchn-publications
CCHN Field Manual (ES)CCHN PublicationsDownloadcchn-publications
CCHN Manuel pratique (FR)CCHN PublicationsDownloadcchn-publicationseurope francefrench2020
Field Manual on Humanitarian Negotiation (EN)Our Field Manual on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation offers a comprehensive and systematic method for carrying out humanitarian negotiations. The manual …CCHN PublicationsDownloadcchn-publicationsnegotiation-toolsen