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february, 2024

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On 16 October 2022, following an alert by the Alarm Phone, a hotline for people in distress at sea, the Geo Barents team rescued another 46 people, including 16 minors, who left Libya on a rubber boat the night before. There are now 177 people on board of the Geo Barents.

How to start a negotiation: Four simple steps to build your opening argument

February 23, 2024
Follow these four simple steps to start a negotiation and build your opening argument based on the CCHN negotiation methodology.

Emotions in negotiations: Friends or foes?

January 26, 2024
Discover why emotions in negotiations are so powerful, what they mean and how to understand them to negotiate better.

How I learned to negotiate with armed actors – A conversation with Essie Opoka

November 17, 2023
Essie Opoka, a humanitarian negotiator with over 10 years of experience, shares how she learned to negotiate with armed groups…