october, 2023

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Andrii Kruglashov is sitting on a chair wearing a suit and a microphone on his lapel. He is being interviewed about his experience battling misinformation in Ukraine.

Battling misinformation in Ukraine – A conversation with Andrii Kruglashov

September 22, 2023
ICRC's political advisor Andrii Kruglashov shares how he battled a misinformation campaign when the conflict in Ukraine started.
MSF's all-terrain vehicles going back to Les Cayes, Haiti, where humanitarians must use negotiation stategies to access gang-controlled areas.

Six negotiation strategies to access and operate in gang-controlled areas

August 16, 2023
Read the top negotiation strategies shared by experienced humanitarians to effectively access and operate in gang-controlled areas.
Olivier Eyenga facilitating a workshop and helping colleagues revisiting the way they work.

“Take the time to revisit the way you work.” – Interview with Olivier Eyenga

July 19, 2023
Read about why Olivier, a long time humanitarian negotiator, believes that you need to take the time to revisit the…