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Negotiators’ pressure management resources

On this page, you will find links to several resources to help you manage pressure and take care of yourself, to better prevent any work-related stress issues.

Why pressure management and self-care for Frontline Humanitarian Negotiators in particular?

Research conducted by the CCHN within its community of practice since its creation has identified the following:  

Sources of pressure

  • Frontline negotiators can be exposed to a wide variety and many layers of pressure, both contextual, ​inherent to operating in the frontline and functional, inherent to the ambivalent position of having to negotiate humanitarian outcomes.

Effects of pressure

  • Non-managed pressure can have a significant impact on the negotiatioprocess, team and outcome
  • Non-managed long-term or overwhelming pressure can cause compassion fatigue, burnout or other physical and mental health problems, increasing turnover and creating a pressure snowball effect on teams and organisations.

For additional information on the CCHN’s related activities aimed at humanitarian negotiators, please visit the Community of Care page or contact Maude Pittet-Nazareno, Project Manager, at [email protected].

Documentary about the mental health of humanitarian workers. Directed & Edited by Sophie Zermatten

First-aid resources

  • Arche Suisse Beyond Borders – ASBB

    ASBB is a Swiss-based non-profit association that helps humanitarian workers to prevent and overcome stress-related issues with a variety of effective tools derived from the practice of hypnosis.
    Created by a CCHN consultant on Pressure Management. Up to 3 free sessions are offered to all humanitarians

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  • Art in mission – Humanitarian art therapy (Spanish)

    Art in Mission is a care and well-being approach aimed at humanitarian workers and/or professionals working in communities affected by complex crises.
    Created by a CCHN Community member and facilitator. 1 free one-on-one session is offered to CCHN community members.
    Read more and contact (Spanish)

  • Headington Institute

    The Headington Institute was established in 2001 to provide psychological and spiritual support for humanitarian aid and disaster relief personnel worldwide.
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  • The Mind Field

    The Mind Field provides a unique space for connecting international development workers, journalists, and similar professionals with top therapists from around the world.
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  • Thrive Worldwide

    When your team thrives, so does your mission
    Health, wellbeing and leadership support for those working to make the world a better place
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Self-learning resources

TRUST Programme

  • This platform, for which a fee is usually charged, is generously offered by Vincent Hürner to CCHN members who are ready to train regularly, attend live sessions and exchange ideas in the WhatsApp group. If this is your case, send your request to [email protected] and you will receive your unique and personalised access code. (English, French)


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