Negotiators’ pressure management resources

On this page, you will find links to several resources to help you manage pressure and take care of yourself, to better prevent any work-related stress issues.

Why pressure management and self-care for Frontline Humanitarian Negotiators in particular?

Research conducted by the CCHN within its community of practice since its creation has identified the following:  

Sources of pressure

  • Frontline negotiators can be exposed to a wide variety and many layers of pressure, both contextual, ​inherent to operating in the frontline and functional, inherent to the ambivalent position of having to negotiate humanitarian outcomes.

Effects of pressure

  • Non-managed pressure can have a significant impact on the negotiatioprocess, team and outcome
  • Non-managed long-term or overwhelming pressure can cause compassion fatigue, burnout or other physical and mental health problems, increasing turnover and creating a pressure snowball effect on teams and organisations.

For additional information on the CCHN’s related activities aimed at humanitarian negotiators, please visit the Community of Care page or contact Maude Pittet-Nazareno, Project Manager, at [email protected].

Documentary about the mental health of humanitarian workers. Directed & Edited by Sophie Zermatten

First-aid resources

  • Arche Suisse Beyond Borders – ASBB

    ASBB is a Swiss-based non-profit association that helps humanitarian workers to prevent and overcome stress-related issues with a variety of effective tools derived from the practice of hypnosis.
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  • Headington Institute

    The Headington Institute was established in 2001 to provide psychological and spiritual support for humanitarian aid and disaster relief personnel worldwide.
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  • The Mind Field

    The Mind Field provides a unique space for connecting international development workers, journalists, and similar professionals with top therapists from around the world.
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  • Thrive Worldwide

    When your team thrives, so does your mission
    Health, wellbeing and leadership support for those working to make the world a better place
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Self-learning resources


Professional coaches