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Community of Practice

Our Community of Practice is a group of professionals who share a passion for their work as humanitarian negotiators. They meet regularly in a safe, online space that allows for critical reflection and peer exchange.

Our main goal has been to create a global community of frontline negotiators because the benefit of shared experience and peer support is widely recognized. We are home to over 2,700 humanitarian professionals from around the world. They are eager to learn from their peers through shared negotiation experiences, discuss their work, successes, and failures with a focus on how to do better. 

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What is the main role of the members?

Members play a decisive role in developing the CCHN’s community of practice. They help design peer-exchange events, and they shape conversations at the local, regional and global levels.

Why is it useful for you to join our community?

When you join this community, a host of opportunities is open to you, allowing you to develop your capacity for negotiation and expand your professional network through regular exchanges and informal discussions.

How to join CCHN Community of Practice?

To join this fast-growing community, you must complete one of our Peer Workshops on Humanitarian Negotiation.

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Interested in enhancing your facilitation skills? Become our facilitators.

Once you complete a Peer Workshop, you unlock the opportunity to enroll in the Training of Facilitator which will allow you to become a facilitator in CCHN Peer Workshops and contribute to transfer knowledge to our community members.

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