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Join us and help us shape the
future of the CCHN for the years to come!

Between March and September 2022, the CCHN organised a series of local gatherings for our global community of frontline negotiators to connect, exchange on their field negotiation challenges, and provide guidance to the future activities of the Centre.

Click on the map above to discover more about each of these meetings!

Providing meaningful support to your work
Since its foundation in 2016, the CCHN has been holding annual gatherings for our community members to meet, exchange and share their expertise in person. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to cancel or hold hybrid and online meetings. In 2022, we met once again to discuss your daily challenges and dilemmas as humanitarian negotiators and identify the way the CCHN can provide meaningful support to your work.

A series of local meetings worldwide
Our community members were invited to join one of our  local meetings, taking place across several countries between March and September 2022. It was an opportunity to meet colleagues, professionals from other agencies, experts in the field of humanitarian negotiations, the CCHN team or local facilitators. We spent time together, exchanging and reflecting but also enjoying the company of our great community members.

World Summit on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation
The experiences, thoughts and concerns raised during the meetings were precious to us: they helped inform the agenda of the World Summit on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation, our global flagship event taking place on 1-3 November 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Click on the map on this page to find pictures from our meetings!

How can I join the local community meetings?

The community gatherings are open to all CCHN members: if you have attended at least one of our Peer Workshops, you are most welcome to join us.  

We will post information on our members-only digital platform, CCHN Connect, and send out personal email invitations as we plan the upcoming events. If you are a community member based in a country where an event will take place but haven’t received any invitation, don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected] or contact your regional Operations Manager. 

What will the event be like?

Community meetings may take place in multiple ways: in person, online, or in a hybrid format. They will be organized in collaboration with members of the CCHN community based in the country and will always take local COVID-19 measures into account. 

Each meeting will feature briefings and conversations around the members’ humanitarian negotiation experiences in their regional context, but also opportunities for more informal exchanges, networking and some fun time. 

Click on the locations marked on the interactive map above to learn more and read reports from each event. 

Are you organising any events close to my location?

We will plan the community meetings based on the local context and the engagement of members in each country. Keep checking the interactive map on this page – we will add new events as we plan them.  

If you would like to receive information about events in a particular country, contact your regional Operations Manager. 

Will I have to pay any fees to attend the event?

No, participation is free of charge.

How else can I share my perspectives about the CCHN?

During our Community Meetings, we will ask ourselves questions like: what value do we see in the CCHN? What have we achieved as a community so far? What do we want to build in the next five years? As we plan our future direction to take, we will be listening to your reflections as members of the CCHN community.  

Please help us learn more by sharing your own CCHN stories – both positive and negative – through our anonymous “story collector” website. Telling us your story only takes a few minutes, and you can do it in English, French or Spanish.  

Your experience matters and it will shape what our community becomes in the future! 

Any additional questions?

For more information about the Community Meetings 2022, please write us at [email protected] or contact your regional Operations Manager: 

Patrick Somxaysana Vilayleck
[email protected]

James Sadlier
[email protected]

Stéphanie Ferland
[email protected]

Marcia Vargas
[email protected]

Fiorella Erni
[email protected]