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Specialized Advanced Sessions 

Engaging with advanced negotiation tools and methods while looking at specific thematic areas of interest or geographic contexts.


Our Specialized Advanced Sessions are an opportunity for CCHN Community Members to engage with advanced negotiation tools and methods while looking at specific thematic areas of interest or geographic contexts. It is designed for our community members who have successfully completed an Advanced Professional Certificate. We often collaborate with our Scientific Collaboration partner institutions, experts and operational partners in order to foster the creation of an informal space for professional learning and exchange on multidimensional impacts of emerging issues that impacted vulnerable populations and to develop operational and policy approaches across agencies and contexts.


Bringing together experts, crisis management professionals, and frontline negotiators, Specialized Advanced Sessions will use specific CCHN tools and methods to provide a more in-depth perspective into negotiation practice within thematic areas of interest or geographic-specific issues. Individual topics will vary depending on community demand and interest, and required depth of research.

A few topics currently in development: Negotiating Access to Covid-19 Vaccination in Conflict Settings, Building Trust – Access Barometer, Designing a Mandate, and Building Persuasive Arguments in Humanitarian Negotiation.

Participation Criteria

Our Specialized Advanced Sessions are designed to serve CCHN community members who have already completed an Advanced Professional Certificate and are familiar with the advanced CCHN tools and methods outlined in the prerequisite course. Specialized Advanced Sessions are generally for middle to senior managers working on a humanitarian response with a minimum of 5 – 7 years of relevant experience.
As space is limited, qualifying registrants will be selected based on a first come first serve basis.

Practical Info

Participants are expected to commit to completing the full required number of days onsite in a designated location, or alternatively online, depending on the selected method of participation.
It is free of charge to the selected participants.


Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion delivered by CCHN and (if applicable) our Scientific Collaboration partners. Please check our FAQs pages for more information about certification.

Advanced Professional Certificates

Prior to participating Specialized Advanced Sessions, you need to complete an Advanced Professional Certificate.

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