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A deep dive into operational challenges on the frontlines.


Our Specialized Session takes a closer look at particular challenges and dilemmas that can arise for frontline negotiators working in the field. Drawing on the CCHN Field Manual on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation, Specialized Sessions review a range of advanced negotiation tools and methods. Each session, which can take place online or onsite, is tailor-made for frontline negotiators: it focuses on their daily work, drawing on the findings of the latest research conducted by the CCHN.

We collaborate closely with its five Strategic Partners (ICRCUNHCRMSFWFP and HD) to facilitate the participation of national and international staff in Specialized Sessions.

Participation Criteria

Specialized Sessions are open only to community members who have previously taken part in a CCHN Peer Workshop on Humanitarian Negotiation.

Practical Details

The sessions themselves are free, both online and onsite. Any travel or accommodation costs incurred for an on-site session must be borne by the participants. If a community member attends a CCHN Specialized Session as a facilitator, however, any travel or accommodation costs incurred by his or her participation are covered by the CCHN.


All participants who attend a Specialized Session will receive a Certificate of Participation. See our FAQs for more information about certification.

How to Apply

Only Community members who have completed a Peer Workshop on Humanitarian Negotiation can apply for the Specialized Session. For more information and application deadlines, please consult the Events page.

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