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Thematic Retreat

Retreats for experienced frontline negotiators, facilitated by external experts on the chosen subject matter.


During a Thematic Retreat, our Community members will gain hands-on experience from our external experts in critical topics related to humanitarian negotiation. As a community-driven initiative, we organize some retreats based on themes requested by our members.

As the space is limited to a small number of participants, our members can benefit from individual attention from our experts to takeaway theoretical approaches and practical exercises to their teams and other community members.

Participation Criteria

Thematic Retreats are open only to Community members who have previously taken part in a CCHN Peer Workshop on Humanitarian Negotiation and other specialized activities within our three-level Capacity Building Pathway.

Practical Details

Thematic Retreats are free, both online and onsite. Any travel or accommodation costs incurred for onsite Thematic Retreats are often borne by the CCHN, yet the place is limited.

How to Apply

Only Community members who have completed a Peer Workshop on Humanitarian Negotiation can participate in a Peer Circle. They will receive an invitation from our regional Negotiation Support Specialists or Research and Development Project Managers to join.

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