The second Annual Meeting of Frontline Humanitarian Negotiators will be held from 5-6 December in Geneva, Switzerland. The main goal of the Annual Meeting is to identify and address a set of critical challenges and dilemmas faced by frontline humanitarian negotiators today. It also seeks to further strengthen the community of professionals engaged in such negotiations. The meeting offers an occasion for the different stakeholders involved in frontline humanitarian negotiations to reflect on how the Centre can serve as a platform to facilitate peer support within this community in 2018.

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5-6 December 2017
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland
Closed event
5-8 years of experience in humanitarian negotiations required
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis
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This year’s Annual Meeting will explore frontline negotiations in a number of contexts, from Myanmar, Colombia, South Sudan, to the Lake Chad and Middle East regions. Cross-cutting issues such as engagements with non-state armed groups as well as the negotiation of protection arrangements will also be analysed. A High-Level Segment of the Annual Meeting will examine the interactions between humanitarian negotiation and political mediation.

Panels and group discussions will offer opportunities to engage in practical and grounded exchanges on the challenges and dilemmas of negotiating in particular operational contexts, as well as reflections on the strategies of humanitarian negotiation. Additional transversal sessions are being planned to address cross-cutting issues such as negotiating protection arrangements, engaging with non-state armed groups, or the relationship between humanitarian negotiation and political mediation.

The Second Annual Meeting of Frontline Negotiators is a closed event with a limited capacity of 120 experienced participants. Field practitioners will play a critical role in the debates at this year’s Annual Meeting. A minimum of 5 to 8 years of relevant experience in humanitarian negotiation is expected from all participants so as to be in a position to contribute to the deliberations.

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Made possible thanks to the support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA).

Cover Photo: A displaced man walks across the parched land outside of Maiduguri, Nigeria (MackenzieKnowles-Coursin/ICRC)

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