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The Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation (CCHN) was founded in 2016 as a joint initiative of five humanitarian agencies: the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières Switzerland, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the United Nations World Food Programme. Our aim is to facilitate the capture, analysis, and sharing of negotiation experiences and practices among the humanitarian sector and to provide a space for dialogue across multiple organizations.

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Community of Practice

We are home to a community of thousands of humanitarian professionals from around the world who learn and share their negotiation experiences.

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Workshops and Public Activities

We offer different community and public activities to strengthen your capabilities on humanitarian negotiation.

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Negotiation Resources

We provide free access to practical humanitarian negotiation tools and methods drawing on the collective experience of our community members.


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*Source: CCHN Database 2016—2020

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