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The Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation is a joint initiative of WFP, UNHCR, HD, MSF, and ICRC. It was established in 2016 to enhance professional exchanges and peer learning among frontline humanitarian negotiators.

Learning Pathway

We offer a pathway for humanitarian negotiators based on experiential learning and peer exchange methodologies.


Join CCHN Connect – a community forum powered by humanitarian negotiators from around the world.

Sharing of Negotiation Experience

We facilitate the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience between humanitarian professionals.

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Community Stories

Connecting Field Practitioners Working on Yemen

The latest CCHN activities in Amman aimed to connect field practitioners working on Yemen. (Photo Credit: Nikolas Rubiato/CCHN) As part of its objectives for 2019, the CCHN is committed to...
Community Stories

New Research Sheds Light on Challenges and Dilemmas of Frontline Negotiations in Yemen

Daily life in Saada city | Crossroad of Saada city. (Photo Credit: Agnes Varraine-Leca/MSF) The international humanitarian operation in Yemen was the largest of 2019 and the UN’s biggest financial...
Community Stories

Challenges of Humanitarian Negotiations in Latin America

The Naivasha Grid was among the most popular tools. (Photo Credit: Sofia Mueller/CCHN) In response to requests from regional offices of the Strategic Partners in Latin America, the CCHN organized...

Next events

We regularly organise workshops in operational contexts and regional hubs for humanitarian professionals engaged in frontline negotiation. Please check our calendar to see all our past and upcoming events.

9 - 11 December 2019
Muscat, Oman
Peer Workshop on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation | ورشة عمل حول التفاوض الانساني


17 - 19 February 2020
Islamabad, Pakistan
Peer Workshop on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation


25 - 27 February 2020
Beirut, Lebanon
Peer Workshop on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation


Overview of Activities 2019


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