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Interview with Robert Weibel | CCHN World Summit 21

“Perfection does not exist, and that’s also part of the humanity of [humanitarian negotiation]. We all make mistakes, including the other sides. Be kind to yourself, give yourself a break!” – Robert Weibel 


The Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation (CCHN) recently organised a 6-day World Summit. This global event brought together frontline negotiators, humanitarian policymakers, scholars, donors, and government representatives to tackle the most challenging present-day issues related to humanitarian negotiation.

During the World Summit, we met with some of the world’s leaders and practitioners from the humanitarian field. In this interview, Robert Weibel, CEO and Founder of CENAD shares his experiences with humanitarian negotiations, and his thoughts on the Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation (CCHN)!