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Facilitating the sharing experience from different regions and levels.


Organized on a monthly basis in a period of time with a specific global topic, our Monthly Forum aims to offer a virtual space for discussions and exchanges between frontline professionals, policy-makers of humanitarian organizations, and donors. Prior to the Monthly Forum, we conducted a series of Peer Circles with our Community of Practice members working on different regional contexts, and beyond our community in Online Peer Group Meeting.


  1. Sharing the latest information on humanitarian action by region related to the topic;
  2. Exploring the relevance of humanitarian norms and principles to the international response to the topic;
  3. Discussing in subgroups the strategies and tactics of the response per region and most affected contexts;
  4. Identifying the need for policy and training tools to enhance the capacity of frontline humanitarian negotiators to engage in the deployment of the humanitarian response in favour of the most affected.

Participation Criteria

We encourage humanitarian field practitioners, operational managers, policymakers, government representatives, academia and researcher to participate in the forum.


After each Monthly Forum, we publish a summary report which can be accessed by the public.

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