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Bridging the gap between high-level panelists and field practitioners to discuss different topics and practices related to humanitarian negotiation.


To bring the discussion on humanitarian negotiations to a wider public, we organize regularly panel discussions with speakers from our Strategic Partners, partners and external partners. Our panel discussions are often usually hosted by our partners or in global forums which allow us to expand the networking and engaging with a larger audience who are interested and working on humanitarian negotiation.


  1. Bringing together humanitarians, including members of the CCHN Community of Practice, and other professionals related to the humanitarian sector working in different regions and contexts in an online/onsite discussion.
  2. Highlighting and identifying best practices from different humanitarian organizations.
  3. Bridging the gap of discussions between field practitioners and policymakers.
  4. Facilitating the sharing of collective knowledge, good practices, and professional experiences.


We encourage the participation of staff from humanitarian, government, international and national organizations, as well as researchers and academia who are interested in and working on humanitarian negotiation.

Report and Recordings

We often release a report or a video recording of each public discussion.

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